Open-angle glaucoma: meditation improves treatment efficiency

In open-angle glaucoma, meditation can reduce intraocular pressure. Combined with treatments, this technique can significantly improve the quality of life of patients.

Meditating would be good for your health. Several studies have been suggesting it for several years. Meditation consists of focusing on oneself, on one's breath, on sensations felt and helps to reduce stress.

At the Institute for Medical Psychology at the Otto V Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, researchers have found the positive effects of this technique on open-angle glaucoma. After several weeks of testing, patients had reduced intraocular pressure.

Avoid blindness

Open-angle glaucoma is a hypertension-related disease of the fluids in the eye. This intraocular hypertension is secondary to a fluid flow gene that is secreted continuously inside the eye, it increases the pressure in the eye and damages the optic nerve. Ultimately, this disease can cause blindness.

To treat it, it is necessary to reduce the intraocular pressure, it is precisely the result obtained during the practice of the meditation: by decreasing the stress, it lowers this pressure in the patients, from where its positive effects on the glaucoma . Bernhard Sabel, co-author: "Research suggests that stress can be one of the causes of glaucoma, the use of ancient meditation techniques to reduce it is a very useful tool for overall care of patients and not just their eyes. ".

A controlled clinical study

90 patients with open angle glaucoma participated in this research. They were divided into two groups. One followed for three weeks a program focused on meditation and breathing through daily sessions of 60 minutes, while continuing to follow the treatment. The second group took only the treatment during this period.

At the end of the study, 75% of the patients who performed the meditation had an intraocular pressure reduced by 25% compared to the group without meditation and their level of stress hormone was lower.

Beneficial effects on health in general

Last April, a study presented at the Experimental Biology Conference showed that meditation improves heart health. All participants had a reduced heart rate after 60 minutes of meditation, and after several weeks they reported feeling less anxiety.

According to the France glaucoma association, 70 million people in the world suffer from glaucoma and 5 million are blind because of the disease.

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