Well-being: how to silence his inner saboteur?

This small inner voice that tends to sabotage all projects? Here's how to silence her!

Self sabotage is simply a small voice that criticizes, judges or devalues ​​more or less consciously any project or ambition. Beyond the deep desire that we can have, our inner saboteur reminds us of our failures and disappointments to discourage us from taking risks.

Where does the inner saboteur come from?

Originally, self sabotage is a very important little path that provides us with sufficient self-criticism before embarking on a risky situation. It protects us in some ways from situations that could put us in danger.

However, under the influence of society, education, injunctions, emotional wounds, self-esteem, or experiences, our inner saboteur tends to flood us with negative thoughts. While it may be useful in some situations, it also distances us from the life we ​​would like to have.

Recognize your saboteur to get rid of it

"I'll never get there", "it only happens to me" or "I'm too bad", are so many little phrases that we repeat all day and make us feel sad, depressed , stressed or anxious. By recognizing that it is not oneself but the inner saboteur who speaks, it is possible to gradually take over the control of our thoughts.

What are the techniques to say goodbye to his saboteur?

Overcoming our inner criticism takes time. Some exercises can help if they are practiced every day alone or with the accompaniment of a therapist: imagine what one would say to his best friend who would speak like that of himself, to imagine to succeed rather than fail, counterbalance with positive thoughts and highlight qualities and abilities.

The next time you hear your inner saboteur, thank him for wanting to protect you, and immediately project yourself into a positive thought for yourself or for the success of your project.

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