Body Reboot: Re-educate your body by adopting better postures

Innovative concept of re-educating the body by adopting the appropriate postures, Boby Reboot is developing in France. Interview with the two coaches at the origin of this innovative practice that could overcome back problems.

Re-educate your body and adopt good postures to get rid of our ailments. This is the promise of Body Reboot, a new concept that, thanks to massage, pilates, yoga, stretching and stretching, relieves the body of bad postural habits.

Initiated by Jessica and Mariana, coaches and medical educators in Paris, the Body Reboot allows an accurate analysis of the body in motion to detect any muscular or postural delays and avoid injuries and relaxation of the body. "We allow people to understand their body and the cause of their pain so they can control it and become independent in their daily actions and during sport," says Jessica.

"Back pain is resolvable if you know how to position yourself"

What are the bad postures that we are used to adopting without knowing that they are harmful for our body? "When a person is too sedentary or too often seated for example, the body spontaneously adopts a bad placement". Indignant by certain recommendations made by health professionals and posturologists, Mariana explains that people think for example wrongly that it is necessary to bend the torso and shake the shoulder blades to straighten up. "It's almost forbidden to do that, because they deform their spine even more and they can hurt themselves, and to get up, the spine and the erectors of the spine are activated", that is to say the three muscles located in lower back.

Knowing how to position oneself is therefore essential. In 2017, a survey conducted by OpinionWay and relayed by 20 minutes claimed that 9 out of 10 French suffer from back pain. In fact, 84% of 18-24 year olds report having had back pain: 25% often have pain, 37% occasionally and only 15% are not affected. In question: a posture often slumped, stress and a lack of safety rules for carrying heavy loads, working at a desk or doing sports. However, believe the coaches, "this evil of the century is resolvable if we know how to position.And analyzing the body, we understand why a person has pain in the shoulders, cervical, or back.And generally, they fall from high when the pain disappears thanks to the postural reeducation ".

"We mass, we stretch, we decompress"

A recent study by American researchers has shown that the way we look at a screen can cause neck, back and head pain, for example. Indeed, the weight of a human head varies between 5 and 7 kilos. But when we lean forward, at a 45-degree angle, our neck becomes a long lever that lifts a heavy object and the weight of our head and our neck is closer to 20 kilos. "People who suffer will then see physio or others, who push them even more towards the adoption of these bad postures" by ignorance or worse, who treat them without instilling in them good reflexes.

"We are massaging, stretching, decompressing the part that hurts and re-educates, explain the coaches, while applying the method that suits everyone (pilates, yoga, stretching and stretching, Ed) according to his body , of its physical and muscular quality ". All in all, the Boby Reboot comes back to listening to the body and instilling a new way of being, standing and evolving, whether in everyday life, at work or in a gym.

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